lia scott

Lia Scott is a singer, songwriter and actress from Sudbury, ON, currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Her sound is a combination of her influences. "I listened to a lot of Britney growing up, but now I love all the great female artists who are just killing it, like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez."

A strong passion for the performing arts led Lia to move to Toronto in 2011 where she attended the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. She underwent three years of intensive training as a performer in acting, dancing and singing. "I learned how to really connect with an audience and discovered the freedom to lose myself in a performance." Lia explains. 


Her newest release “Invincible” is co-written and produced by Mike Schlosser of Little Noise Records and pushes her sound In a more personal direction. “I’m a positive and determined person and I wanted that to shine through in the music. I think with "Invincible" we made something that's personal to me but still works as a pop song that people can dance to.”  

Her follow up single “Shining Through” is now available on iTunes and an EP is scheduled for later in the year.


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